/Handwriting Masterclass (Live + Videos)

Handwriting Masterclass (Live + Videos)

Niru's Calligraphy

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Learn the Art of Beautiful Handwriting


This Handwriting Masterclass is designed to help you improve your handwriting skills and achieve beautiful and legible handwriting.

• The course is a combination of live online sessions and pre-recorded videos that you can access anytime and anywhere.
• During this course, you will learn the basics of handwriting, including how to hold a pen or pencil, proper posture, and techniques to help you write smoothly and quickly.
• You will also learn about letter spacing, line spacing, and ways to make your handwriting look neat and consistent.
• You will have the opportunity to practice your new skills and receive personalized guidance on areas you need to improve.
• You will also receive downloadable worksheets and practice exercises to help you apply the techniques learned in the course.

By the end of this Handwriting Masterclass, you will have the skills and knowledge to take your handwriting to the next level and impress others with your beautifully crafted words.

Key Highlights

Learn the art of beautiful handwriting with a professional calligrapher

Live sessions to practice and improve your penmanship under instructor's guidance

Access to video lessons covering basic to advanced techniques

Expert feedback on your progress to help achieve your goals

Special exercises to improve consistency, speed, and neatness

Tips & tricks to maintain a good handwriting posture and grip


Welcome to the Handwriting Masterclass



2 attachments • 2.84 mins

Notebook Position

4 line notebook

Day 1 - Basic Strokes

9 attachments • 12.8 mins

1st Basic Stroke - Slant

2nd Basic Stroke - C wave

3rd Basic Stroke - S Curve

4th Basic Stroke - Overturn

5th Basic Stroke - Underturn

6th Basic Stroke - Ascender Loop

7th Basic Stroke - Descender loop

Practicing the basic Strokes

Basic strokes printable practice sheet

1 page

Day 2

4 attachments • 10.22 mins

Head and Tail Stroke

(a, c, e, o, x) c wave letters

(s, r) s curve letters

(m, n) overturn letters

Day 3

3 attachments • 14.99 mins

(b, d, f, h, k, l and t) ascender letters

(j, g, q, p, y, z) descender letters

(u, v, w, i) underturn letters

Day 4

4 attachments • 10.28 mins

small letter words

Assignment 1

word spacing

Assignment 2

Day 5

4 attachments • 15.09 mins

Capital Basics

A, B, D, F, K, L, P, R, T Letters with Universal Line of Beauty

C, E and G

Remaining Capital Letters

Day 6

4 attachments • 8.29 mins

Capital Letter Words - Part 1

Capital Letter Words - Part 2

Capital Connections



When will the Live classes be?

Live classes will happen once every week, the details will be shared in the Community section of the Course.

About the creator

About the creator

Niru's Calligraphy

Niru is a Calligraphy artist with an experience of 7+ years and has taught 10,000+ students. 

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